Retooling an insurance giant for digital transformation.

Senior UX Designer
November 2017 - May 2019
When the world gets only more complex and interconnected, an even slightly more predictable future becomes a priceless asset.

No wonder the insurance industry, already familiar with statistics and owning decades-worth of real-world data, is so excited about reinventing itself through data science, machine learning, and predictive modelling. 

At ERGO, I worked on small elements of this transformation in an international and regulated environment.

Contribution areas:

Research & Design
Working on responsive web apps supporting complex and multi-intent workflows for expert users, and B2B customers (claim management tools, quote builders).
Experimenting with POCs and product visions in cross-functional R&D teams (Mixed Input Search, ML Instant Settlements, Frequent Traveller Insurance app, Assistive CRM).
UX Advocacy
Introducing customer oriented mindset and advocating for the end user as a member of newly established multi-site UX team in one of the largest insurance groups in Europe.
Cros-Domain Collaboration
Facilitating workshops for stakeholders, product leaders, and subject matter experts adapting popular frameworks for the enterprise that culminated with experience scenes workshop kickstarting the company's Alexa Skills programme.

Here are some of the things I worked on during this journey:

Quote Builder
Reducing time-to-quote and increasing upsell.
Empowering agents and brokers to customise coverage on a parameter level, and estimate premiums faster with improved variant generation for a better upsell opportunity.
The web app shows a portfolio of insurance products.
Quote Builder
Select products for consultation.
Browse available products complemented with explainers, breakdowns, comparisons, and other materials.
The web app shows a side-by-side comparison of 2 premium variants with a list of features.
Quote Builder
Create variants and fine-tune the offer.
Build the most relevant coverage by customising product parameters, then generate variants to show the features in context.
The web app shows a checkout screen with a single product selected for purchase and four more recommended.
Quote Builder
Generate paperwork for selected premiums.
Select all the products to proceed and save other ones for another meeting or future need.
The web app shows an insurance product consultation outlined on a single page.
Quote Builder
Your whole consultation outlined on a single page.
Save time and client enthusiasm by having a clear agenda and everything in one place.
Black iPhone shows an online claim form with a car damage area selector.
B2B Claims
When vehicles are driving your business...
Clear forms with efficient input for a stressful situation become even more important when car or van replacement is crucial for continuous business operation.
Black iPhone shows online claim form in German
B2B Claims
...when cargo can have more value than the vehicle.
Structure and decision-making trees covering as many scenarios as there are ways organisations use vehicles to create value are invaluable for an efficient workflow.
Assistive CRM
More time selling,
less time organising.
Responsive workspace combining operational and analytical insights with data and documents to maximise agents' performance.

Global and personal rules and queries run on an assigned customer base to identify and surface underperforming products and underserved clients in a magazine-like experience.
Assistive CRM
Data presented to be simply actionable.
Customer data augmented with field notes, pitch templates and reminders.

Historical data repopulates complementary or recommended products for faster or even automatic quotes.

Better relationships for better performance.
Flexible coverage for Singapore's frequent flyers with needs no longer fitting cookie-cutter limits.
Customisable parameters for travelling with elderly parents, a beloved pet, a specked-out Mac, or an expensive musical instrument.
Black iPhone shows an active policy in a travel insurance app.
Get personalised coverage with just a few swipes while heading to your gate at Changi Airport.
Choose from time-based recommendations, and community-generated presets, or adjust parameters for your current journey.

These are few snapshots from the backstage:

Berlin. 30+ participants. Alexa Skills Programme kickoff. No pressure. 😅
The biggest and the most senior crowd with Leads, Heads, Directors and VPs that I have had the opportunity to facilitate so far.
Experience Scenes are the best framework for prototyping for voice.
Cutouts removed all the friction participants with non-technical backgrounds usually have when it comes to discussing and sharing ideas.
Experimentation is everything.
Figuring out with the R&D team different ways of creating reference material for an ML camera assessment feature in the POC of an instant settlement app.
A barge on the Rhein river with the Düsseldorf TV tower on the horizon.
Nothing beats a very long walk after a very long day.
Alternating work with long walks and museum visits (Düsseldorf has a nice selection) helped me keep my energy flowing.
Mirror selfie with two males and four females dressed up for the carnival party.
Carnival is the single best moment to visit the HQ.
I was lucky to have workshops rescheduled during the famous Karneval, and this was the first I'd seen this many dressed-up people on the streets.
Screenshot of an instruction in German to "hold spacebar to start dictation".
Making people give the new technology a try is harder than you assume.
Transitioning text-based search to mixed input with voice-to-text integration was as interesting as it was challenging.
Top view of a wooden table with product idea canvas and method cards assembled into an idea during workshops.
Cards & canvases are a killer combo for product storytelling workshops.
Reducing the need for sketching or drawing with props makes workshops more inclusive and leads to better ideas.
White male in red trousers, black sweatshirt uses blue balancing ball with a standing desk in a modern office space.
Never stop experimenting to see what makes you the most productive.
Once you can control your focus, a simple balancing ball can turn your standing desk into an active one.
A white male in a black shirt and glasses eats Asian food on a crowded street in Bangkok.
Stay hungry to learn from more people and scale the impact of your work.
It was a fantastic way to learn how to collaborate in big teams that work on solving complex challenges.
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