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Instrumenting researchers studying what people watch, play, read, and listen to around the world.

UX Director
July 2021 -> April 2023
UX Lead
June 2019 -> June 2021

Retooling an insurance giant for digital transformation.

Senior UX Designer
November 2017 - May 2019

Simplifying cybersecurity management for the peace-of-mind of every business.

UX Designer
June 2016 -> October 2017
Pawel is one of a kind with his creativity and passion for solving complex problems. If I ever have the fortune to build a dream team of product experience practitioners again, he’d be the first one I call.   He is a highly respected people leader who motivates teams to be their best.

I highly recommend Pawel if you are looking for a strong communicator, analytical thinker, and creative expert who is not afraid of complexity.

Joanna Vasilakis
Pawel is a systems thinker with a global mindset, delivering across the entire product development process. (...)

With the adoption of optimisations that Pawel suggested, we were able to dramatically cut development costs and increase time to market with higher customer satisfaction.

I had an opportunity to work with Paweł for almost four years and managed him directly for the last two. I highly recommend him not only as a UX Leader but also as an organisational agent of change. (...)
Lech Blażejewski
VP of Technology
(...) Not only is he a truly brilliant designer & system thinker, he's also one of the most impressive communicators I've worked with (...).

(...) we worked together on some of the firm's leading strategic initiatives, where Pawel displayed his innate ability to envision new products and identify business opportunities in a complex and transforming industry.

He is extremely dedicated to his craft and would be an incredible asset to any organization looking to transform itself from within.
Arnaldo Catanho
Transformation Lead
"Simply one of the most impressive designers I've worked with.

Why? He is deeply interested in the businesses, customers and key stakeholders he works with. Give Pawel a crazy hard problem and he will always deliver a simple, beautiful and effective solution.

I consider Pawel a natural UX talent. He loves shipping beautiful products that resonate with users and deliver business value. This balanced and mature skillset is a rare find.
To describe him as a designer is quite too narrow - I think he has a much broader view of the world and a deep interest in the complex systems that enable so much of what we take for granted.  

Last but not least, he’s a really great guy to work with."

Johan Engelbrecht
VP of Design
"Pawel is one of the most amazing product designers I've ever worked with. (...) the simple truth is Pawel is unbelievable.

Extremely insightful, super focused in his pursue of excellence, but dutiful and reliable when talking deadlines.

We spent a better part of a year working on a product in a cybersecurity start-up (...),
where he somehow managed to turn what was an over-complicated, extremely niche and specialised tool into a sleek, beautiful and engaging user experience.  A daunting task turned an amazing adventure.

A joy to work with. Couldn't recommend the guy enough. Do yourself a favour and pick Pawel as your coworker on your next project. You'll thank me later."
Yuri Drabent
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