Simplifying cybersecurity management for the peace-of-mind of every business.

UX Designer
June 2016 -> October 2017
Business dependence on technology increases every day. The global shortage of information security professionals puts smaller companies at risk.

A clear, step-by-step product that everyone can use could help bring SMEs closer to information security and capitalise on the massive demand for cybersecurity expertise estimated to grow from $75B (2017) to $200B by 2021.

At KILP, I had an opportunity to immerse myself in this challenge as the first designer in an early-stage startup.

Contribution areas:

Collaborating with stakeholders and subject matter experts on evolving product vision and a clear value proposition for a new product category.
Research & Design
Figuring out ways of translating ISO/IEC 27001 standard and proprietary know-how into a familiar, easy-to-use, plain-language app.
Conducting rounds of the lean, prototype–validate–optimise cycle in a hyper-demanding, early-stage startup environment.

Here is an overview of the product:

A landing page shows web apps interface elements with security scoring and a call to action button.
SaaS platform
Cybersecurity Management for SMBs.
Access world-class know-how without technical expertise, and secure your business following step-by-step instructions.
Security Audit
Configure Security Assessment.
Complete the setup survey to generate a tailor-made assessment plan optimised for your organisation and industry.
The web app shows a list hardware categories in the company.
Asset Valuation
Evaluate organisational setup.
Generate an organisational model by evaluating personnel, hardware and systems.
The web app shows a list of mini-surveys.
Asset valuation
Balance the importance of processes.
Determine the value of continuity for all the key processes essential to your business.
Security Audit
Answer questions relevant to your organisation, industry and setup.
Collect all the shields to complete a segment, and complete all the segments to finish the information security assessment.
Security Audit
Fit security into the busiest schedule.
For your comfort, the whole assessment is composed of tiny segments you can complete with your morning coffee, between meetings, or on your phone.
Title card for a mini-survey
The web app shows a question in a 
 mini-survey with a tooltip.
Security Audit
Save time with definitions.
Minimise ambiguity and speculation with precise definitions for every term necessary for actionable results.
The web app shows a mini-survey question with help enabled.
Security Audit
Understand the risks in context.
Get the full picture and understanding of your organisation's situation with vulnerability explanations and real-life scenarios.
A collection of web app elements for delegating answers.
Security Audit
Delegate one or all of the questions.
Assign questions or whole segments to your organisation's subject matter experts.
The web app shows a list of flash cards with security topics.
Security Audit
Educate your colleagues.
Collect flash cards with actionable advice that you can share with other employees.
Security Assessment
Get the full picture.
Congratulations! The report is your easy-to-read, in-depth analysis of the organisation's situation, in line with the ISO/IEC 27001 industry standard, adjusted for best practices and regulations relevant to your organisation's industry.
The web app lists security improvement investment plans with budgets breakdown and highlighted recommendations.
Security Plan
Security Improvement Programme optimised for your organisation.
Analysis of thousands of products and service combinations generates improvement strategies and identifies the most cost-effective variants for the organisation's core business objectives.
The web app shows a list of products whose implementation will increase security.
Security Plan
Straightforward implementation guides.
Step-by-step instructions and materials for a headache-free execution.
The web app shows a list of products which implementation will increase security
Security Plan
Prioritised core business processes.
Recommendations focused on where the organisation creates the most value.
Security Plan
Maximise ROI through implementation verification.
Adjusting recommendations and priorities as you go to maximise every investment.
Security Assessment
Get the message across.
Report builder helps you share the plan with other decision-makers or your client if you are a cybersecurity professional.
The web app shows a report builder

Here is a sneak preview of the journey:

A new product category is hard to explain.
Figuring out a clear, and convincing value proposition is hard without existing benchmarks.
Information security can be intimidating.
Translating proprietary formulas and algorithms into plain language was crazy hard. 🤯
Experts think differently.
Standardising a non-linear, multi-intent diagnostic process performed by an expert took a lot of trial and error to frame right.
Anticipate confusion everywhere.
Expert walkthroughs and worst-case scenarios were essential for efficiently planning in-context helpers, explainers and support.
Change is inevitable in the beginning.
Breaking the experience into modules early on helped to keep the focus despite evolving scope.
Discussions are faster off-screen.
Surrounding yourself with ideas makes wonders for teamwork and shared understanding.
A black dog stands below a desk with a computer on it.
4-legged inspector.
If you can't share your work, share the enthusiasm with someone who will listen but won't say a word.
A tired white male in a black t-shirt and glasses is packing chopped firewood on a red wheel cart in a forest.
The early stage is hard.
I have never learned this fast in the previous 10 years of my career, but it was a really demanding time.
A landing page shows web apps interface elements with security scoring and a call to action button.
Finally, it works. Closed Beta begins.
We opened the tool for industry opinion leaders to capture quantitive data and get more comprehensive feedback.
An iPhone shows login page
Bug hunting in Closed Beta.
Can you spot the "enter" keyboard shortcut prompt in the input fields? Nice touch, but why does it appear on a mobile device? 🤔
Safari browser shows web app usage stats.
Closed Beta's first users.
The safest and most secure apps are those without users, so this was a truly exciting moment the team had waited so long for!
The web app shows a session time out.
KILP was a little ahead of its time.
After a successful closed Beta, the founders entered a dispute with investors regarding plans of international expansion, funding rounds, and selected stack. I couldn't afford to continue working at a startup with an unclear runway and was eventually forced to move on.
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